December Incentive

The more you Dash, the more you earn. Find out all the amazing incentives we have for you!

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1. Weekly Incentive

Earn more for each job milestone completed based on your city!
Klang Valley, Penang & Johor
💰 Earn DOUBLE when you complete at least one (1) Buddy Driver job!
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As shown in the image above, here is an example calculation for total weekly completed jobs:
✅ If you completed at least one (1) Buddy Driver job: 💰 10 jobs - Get RM40 💰 13 jobs - Get RM40 💰 20 jobs - Get RM80 💰 25 jobs - Get RM80 💰 30 jobs - Get RM120 💰 40 jobs - Get RM160
Seremban, Ipoh, Melaka, Langkawi & Sabah
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✅ If you are based in Seremban, Ipoh, Melaka, Langkawi & Sabah and completed at least one (1) Dash job: 💰 5 jobs - Get RM20 💰 10 jobs - Get RM40 💰 20 jobs - Get RM60 💰 30 jobs - Get RM80 💰 40 jobs - Get RM100

2. First Job Incentive 💙

Earn a minimum of RM50 for completing your first job!
If your first Dash job's fee is lower than RM50, you will be incentivized with the difference. Here is an example calculation:
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3. First Buddy Driver Job Incentive 💜

Earn a minimum of RM50 for completing your first job!
If your first Buddy Driver job's fee is lower than RM50, you will be incentivized with the difference. Here is an example calculation:
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4. DAILY Buddy Driver Incentive 💥

Earn RM30 for every 3 jobs completed within the same day!
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If you complete 3 Buddy Driver jobs within the same day, you will earn:
✅ EXTRA RM30 on top of your job fee ✅ DOUBLE of your Weekly Incentive
🕖 ONE (1) eligible day starts from 6:00pm until 6:00pm the next day
Tap here 👈🏼 to find out more about Buddy Driver jobs!

5. Fuel Incentive ⛽

Earn 10% more when you refuel a SOCAR during your SOCAR-2-YOU & SOCAR+ jobs!
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To the ones who refuel SOCARs during Dash jobs, this one is for you! 🤩 Now, you can earn by driving & refuelling cars on Dash! 🚙⛽
Ensure you take a clear photo of your Physical Receipt to submit your claims.
Tap to find out more about SOCAR-2-YOU 👈🏼 & SOCAR+ 👈🏼 jobs!
 Any fraud attempts will result in penalty!

6. Shuttle Service

Get a FREE ride from Job End Location back to your Job Start Location or the closest LRT/MRT station!
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Enjoy the convenience and reduced travelling costs with our FREE Shuttle Service that assists you to complete your Dash job.
When you accept a job within the eligible areas, you will receive an SMS to notify you.
Learn more about Shuttle Service here 👈🏼
Shuttle Service is currently available in Klang Valley ONLY.

❌ Shuttle Service request got cancelled (between 9pm-6am)?

Subject to review, we may cover your FULL e-hailing fees if:
Shuttle Driver is late (more than 20 mins after Job End Time) Shuttle Driver not assigned (30 mins before Job Start Time) Shuttle Driver requested to cancel Shuttle Driver unreachable Customer changes Drop-Off location (more than 2km) Customer extends booking time (Job End Time changes)
P/S: Available for Buddy Driver jobs (between 9pm-6am) ONLY

7. Late Night Incentives 💥

Claim up to RM20 for taking any Dash jobs from 10pm to 7am!
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As we prioritize our Dashers' safety, this is an initiative to help Dashers reduce travelling costs, provide convenience & ensure your safety at night.
Late Night Incentives are provided by tier! The later your Dash job, the more incentives you will receive!
Late Night Incentive
10:00pm - 11:59pm
Up to RM10
12:00am - 3.59am
Up to RM15
4:00 am - 7:00am
Up to RM20
Please ensure to submit a screenshot of your e-hailing (Grab/Gojo/Maxim/AirAsia etc) receipt as example shown in the app.

Terms & Conditions

1. Available for all job types. 2. Receipt amount capped based on tier. 3. Submit within the week. Otherwise capped amount only. 4. Only one (1) claim per job - e-hailing/Grab to pick-up location OR from drop-off location. 5. Only for jobs that start/end between 10pm to 7am 🕙 6. E-Hailing requested within 30 mins from Job Start/Job Completed Time. 7. NOT eligible if Shuttle Service is used.

8. Monthly Personal Accident Insurance

Get insured FREE when you complete one (1) job per month!
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Just by completing ONE (1) job, you will get FREE Personal Accident Insurance covered (up to RM10,000) for that whole month itself!
Here's what you'll get : ✅ Medical Expenses of RM300. ✅ Permanent Disablement of RM10,000. ✅ Death of RM10,000.
NO application is needed. You will automatically be insured once you complete your first job of the month.

9. Referral Incentive

Earn RM50 each when your referred friend/family completed their 1st job!
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Get your unique referral code from the Dash app & share it with your friends & family today!
Learn more about our Dash Referral Program here 👈🏼
All incentives valid from 5 December 2022 - 1 January 2023.

Terms & Conditions For All

  1. All jobs MUST be completed to be entitled to the incentives stated above.
  1. Incentives are rewarded based on Job Completion Time. Kindly ensure to “Mark Job as Done” to avoid missing out on your incentives.
  1. The week starts on Monday & ends on Sunday.
  1. All individual initial Terms & Conditions apply.

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