Buddy Driver Incentive: Bonus Edition

Get extra incentives for completing Buddy Driver jobs this festive season!

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Take your Buddy Driver experience to the next level!

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The Buddy Driver Bonus Edition has arrived! Drive between 10pm - 2am and earn an extra 10% bonus on top of your job fees. With Buddy Driver, there's always a way to earn more. So why wait? Accept Buddy Driver Job in Dash App now and start driving your way to even greater success!

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Here are some examples of how the incentive is calculated:

Eg 1: Job Fee

Job Fee RM42.50 💰 Earn Bonus 10% = RM4.25

Eg 2: Job Fee + Long Distance Incentive

Job Fee RM30 Long Distance Incentive RM15 Total Job Fee RM45 💰 Earn Bonus 10% = RM3

Terms & Conditions:

• Eligible for Buddy Driver jobs that are COMPLETED only. • Job Start time is between 10pm - 2am. • All Pre & Post inspection of the vehicle must be taken. • Any fraudulent activities of Dash jobs will not be entitled. • Incentive will be paid along with weekly payout to your bank account. • Amount capped at RM5 per job.
❌ Valid from 3rd May 2023, 10pm - 7th May 2023, 2am ❌ Valid from 11th May 2023, 10pm - 14th May 2023, 2am
❌ Valid from 18th May 2023, 10pm - 21st May 2023, 2am
❌ Valid from 25th May 2023, 10pm - 28th May 2023, 2am
[EXTENDED] Valid from 01 Jun 2023, 10pm - 04 Jun 2023, 2am

Work flexible hours & Earn RM3,000/month or more, just by driving!

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Work flexible hours & Earn RM3,000/month or more, just by driving!