📸 Snap & Earn Deepa-money!

May your Diwali bring you more wealth!
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Oct 18, 2022
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📸 Get rewarded for taking Buddy Driver Inspection Photos!

Unlimited 10% additional Incentives! All you have to do is take and submit 4 sides of Before & After inspection photos for your Buddy Driver job!
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Here are some examples of how the incentive is calculated:

Eg 1: Job Fee

Job Fee RM30 💰 Earn Deepa 10% RM3

Eg 2: Job Fee + Long Distance Incentive

Job Fee RM30 Long Distance Incentive RM15 Total Job Fee RM45 💰 Earn Deepa 10% RM3
Terms & Conditions: • Eligible for jobs that are Completed only • Must complete both Before & After Inspection • Each inspection, must take at least (one) 1 picture for each side of the car • The pictures taken for Before & After Inspection cannot be the same • Incentive will be paid along with weekly payout to your bank account • Applicable for Buddy Driver jobs only • Amount capped at RM10 per job
Valid from 21st Oct 2022, 6pm till 24th October 2022, 6pm

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