Here is some #DoItRaya for you!

Jom, tambah berkat untuk Raya ini!
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Apr 22, 2022
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1. First Buddy Driver Job Incentive

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If you have not taken any Buddy Driver jobs before, now is a good time to start!
Earn a minimum of RM50 for your first Buddy Driver job!
Example: minimum RM50 = (Your first Buddy Driver job fee) RM18 + (Incentive) RM32

2. More Buddy Driver Incentive

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Complete 3 Buddy Driver jobs/day to earn EXTRA RM30
This means that if you completed 3 Buddy Driver jobs on the same day, you will receive a total of RM75 = RM45 (existing incentive for the month) + RM30 (especially for Raya)
*MUST be on time for all 3 Buddy Driver jobs

3. More Late Night Incentive

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Claims of RM8 increased to RM15 for taking any Dash jobs within 10pm to 8am!
*Initial Terms & Conditions apply - find out here
*All jobs MUST be completed.
*All individual initial Terms & Conditions apply.
*Incentives Availability: 22 April - 15 May 2022

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