Introducing Shuttle Service To Help You Dash Better

A Dash initiative to help Dashers reduce transportation costs & accomplish more jobs.
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Jun 24, 2022
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“Hah, must settle my own transport after completing Dash jobs?”

“Pening lah nak arrange transport malam camni..”

Want a hassle-free experience for your jobs on Dash? We hear you, Dashers!
Introducing Shuttle Service, an alternative mode of transportation for Dashers to travel from Job End Location to: 🚘 Previous Job Start Location 🚂 Nearest MRT/LRT station 🚘 Next Job Start Location
This Shuttle Service is a FREE transport service exclusively for Dashers that serves to reduce transport costs and provide added convenience when Dash-ing.

Book Our Shuttle Service in Just a Few Simple Steps!

notion image
Step 1: Accept a Dash job (within our Shuttle Service operating areas). Step 2: You will receive an SMS with a link to request for Shuttle Service. Dashers may include specific pick-up instructions in the form. Step 3: The designated Shuttle Driver will then contact you before picking you up from your Job End Location. Step 4: The designated Shuttle Driver will proceed to drop you off at the Job Start Location.
Voila, it’s that easy!

Operation Details

As our #DashFam is growing, our Shuttle Service is also growing to accommodate all Dashers soon!
Currently, Shuttle Service is available as below:
notion image
Your designated Shuttle Driver will pick you up from your Job End Location ONLY.
📍Check out to see if Shuttle Service is available within your area:
This service signifies our commitment in providing you a hassle-free hustle on Dash.
While we continue finding solutions to better accommodate you, we would like to thank you for your continuous support with Dash!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can we make changes to the booking? (For eg.: Pick Up/Drop Off Location)
No, unless the Job End Location changed.
Why did I not receive the SMS for the Shuttle Driver?
This means your job is not eligible for this shuttle service.
Where can I share my feedback on the Shuttle Service?
Click here to let us know your feedback.
Click here for more FAQ

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