General Questions

Read more about Dash here
What are the requirements to join Dash?
Learn more about Dash here
Do you have Bahasa Melayu language for the app?
Unfortunately no, currently we are only available in English.
How long does it take to activate my account?
Please allow 1-3 working days to process. You will receive emails to update your account status or you may check your Dash app.
What are the service coverage areas?
Currently, Dash is available in Klang Valley, Melaka, Ipoh, Penang, Johor, Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu. However, different jobs' available service areas are different. Please refer to the training deck in your Dash app.
We will continue to expand in other regions in the future, so stay tuned!

Sign Up

Do I have to make any payment upfront? For eg.: deposit, joining fee
No, no payment is required. Join Dash for FREE
I did not receive the OTP verification code during sign-up. What should I do?
Please reach out to us here if you have any issues signing up.
I am unable to proceed because there is no button after ticking on the T&C.
This may be due to your phone’s font settings being enlarged.
Please go to your phone’s font settings, and change it back to normal size, you will then be able to see the ‘I Accept’ button below to proceed.
I do not remember my login email address. When I try to sign up, it says that I have a registered TREVO/DASH account, what should I do?
1. If you have a SOCAR/TREVO account, please use the same login credentials on Dash.
2. Please write to hello@dashnow.my and provide your phone number or I/C number for us to find your associated email address.
Why are my documents rejected?
It may be due to a few reasons:
1. Picture is blurry
2. Document information is unreadable
3. Already have a TREVO account
Do I need to attend training sessions to become a Dasher?
Yes, you will need to complete an online training session on the Dash app once you have signed up to be a certified Dasher.
All trainings are fully conducted online via the Dash app. You will need to complete a video observation, a training deck study, and a quiz for each job.


What is the payment method?
Currently, payment is paid directly to your bank account.
Please use your Dash registered email to submit your bank details in the link here.
When will I receive my payment?
Payments are processed and paid weekly. Jobs completed this week will be paid the following week.
Please expect to receive the payment latest by end of Friday (given that there is no public holiday that falls in between). If there are any delays in payment, an announcement will be made.
How is the payment calculated?
The weekly payment includes completed job fees, incentives, claims, and compensation (if any).
When does the payment week start?
The payment week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.
For eg.: Monday (27th Sept 2021) to Sunday (3rd Oct 2021)
I received the payment advice from the bank, but I did not receive the money in my account.
Different banks have different processing times. Please expect to receive the payment latest by end of Friday.
Are payslips provided?
No, we do not provide payslips. However, the bank’s payment advice is sent to your email when you get paid weekly.
I am unable to see the detailed incentives, claims, and compensation in my Earnings Dashboard.
Thank you for being patient with us while we work on improving our payout process.
The Earnings Dashboard (in your Dash app > Account tab) shows the summary of approved payments. To view in detail, go to My Jobs > History tab > Completed Job to view all payments (job fee, claims, compensation, and Incentives).
A brief summary is listed in the payment advice (file attachment) sent to your Dash registered email by the bank.
If you would like a detailed breakdown, please request it at hello@dashnow.my
How do I request for payment breakdown?
Please request it at hello@dashnow.my
The payment breakdown will be sent to your Dash registered email in 1-3 working days.
My weekly payment is incorrect/different from my own calculation. What should I do?
1. Request for payment breakdown at hello@dashnow.my then refer and check what was missed.
2. Reply to the same email thread and provide details (Job ID/screenshots etc.) for further investigation.


What are the current incentives available?
Find out the latest incentives here
When will I receive the incentives?
Incentives are paid together with the weekly payment.


Do I get compensated if the job is cancelled when I arrive?
Yes, compensation is given case by case.
How do I request compensation/dispute for a cancelled job?
Please submit compensation here.
How do I know if I will be compensated?
You will receive an email on your compensation status. Please reply to the same email thread for any dispute.
When will I get my compensation?
Compensation is paid together with the weekly payment.


Do I have to make any payment in advance?
Yes, for petrol refuel, toll, car wash, parking ticket, lost ticket, etc. (if needed)
What type of claims is allowed?
  • For SOCAR+:
Dashers will have to fuel up and pay first, and later claim it from Dash through Dash App. However, please do inform the customers that they will be charged for excess mileage rate (more than 20km/hour) directly from their account. The customer will also be charged for any toll and parking fees during the reservation.
  • For SOCAR-2-YOU:
When delivering SOCAR, Dashers will have to pay for the expenses in advance (fuel, toll, parking fees, etc.) and later claim it from Dash through Dash App.
  • For Buddy Driver:
No claims allowed - ALL expenses during the service shall be paid by the customer.
If the customer request Dashers to pay in advance, Dasher may reject or please ensure to liaise with the customer. Dash is not responsible for any Buddy Driver job claims.
  • For TREVO Custodian:
Only toll and fuel when delivering the car are allowed - from Pick Up point to Drop Off point.
P/S: Fuel sufficient amount only if the car's petrol is empty and unable to drive. It is a MUST to submit odometer pictures before & after fueling up.
I drove my own vehicle/public transport/took e-hailing transport to get to the pick-up location, can I claim any expenses for my personal vehicle?
No, DASH will not compensate for personal costs outside of Dash missions.
However, we have Shuttle Service available for Klang Valley Dashers. Find out more here
Where do I submit my receipt for claims?
Submit claims via the app: My Jobs > History tab > Completed Job > Claims
Please refer to this Claims blog post for more details.
P/S: Submitted claims will be validated.
When will I get my claims?
All claims will be reviewed within 3 working days. The approved claim will be paid the following week (Refer to Date Reviewed in Dash app).
For eg.: 1. Submit claims on Tuesday (8 Nov 2022), approved by Friday (11 Nov 2022). Get paid the following week (receive by next Friday - 18 Nov 2022) 2. Submit claims on Friday (11 Nov 2022), approved by Wednesday (16 Nov 2022). Get paid the following week (receive by next Friday - 26 Nov 2022)
Why did I not receive my claims after submitting them?
It may be due to a few reasons:
1. Your submission for claims this week will be paid after the approval date (Refer to Date Reviewed in Dash app).
2. The claim might be rejected, please check in your app (find and tap into the specific job).

Referral Program

What is Referral Program?
The referral program is to refer a friend/family and earn RM50 reward when they complete their 1st Job within a specific period*.
*with T&C apply.
How to join Dash's Referral Program?
Find out how here.
I am not a Dasher. Can I join this program?
No, you have to be a Dasher to join this program.
If my friend/family has already signed up and already is a dasher but has not completed their first job yet, can I give them my referral link and refer them?
No, this program is only eligible for someone who has NOT signed up before.
Do I still get the RM50 if my referrals signed up but did not complete his/her first job?
No, you will only get the RM50 once they successfully complete their first job.
Will my friends/family get any incentive after signing up?
Yes, currently there is a First Job Incentive* when they complete their first job. Learn more about the available incentives here
*subject to changes
When will I get my incentives?
The following week after your referral has completed his/her first job (along with your weekly payment).

During Job

Can I cancel a job?
You are only allowed to cancel the job with a valid reason.
To cancel a job, please click on ‘Cancellation Request’ button on the job that you would like to cancel.
P/S: Dashers with high cancellations with NO valid reason/justification will result in a penalty. Cancelling jobs will affect the delivery fulfillment to our customers which may upset them, resulting in lesser bookings (which also means lesser jobs for you). Hence, please check the job details and ensure that you are able to fulfill the job before accepting.
Why is my job cancelled?
Cancellation of jobs may occur as customers may extend the time of their booking. Customers may also cancel their bookings.
Can I start my job early?
You can only start the job 10 minutes early from the Job Start Time. Any earlier than that, Dash/SOCAR is not liable for any outcome. You may have to wait and will not have access to start the job.
For eg.: Your job starts at 12pm, you may arrive and start the job at 11:50am.
Why can't I start my job early?
We do not encourage Dashers to start their job early to avoid cancellation. Cancellation of jobs may occur as customers may extend the time of their booking. Customers may also cancel their bookings.
What should I do if I can't find the car/the car is not there when I arrive?
Try to contact the customer and wait for a maximum of 15 minutes. If the car is still not found after 15 minutes, please go to live chat to request assistance.
P/S: If you insist to wait, DASH/SOCAR is not liable for any outcome.
What should I do if the car is dirty?
1. For SOCAR-2-YOU and SOCAR+ jobs
If time allows, please go to the nearest petrol station/car wash shop to clean the car & submit claims.
P/S: If the car is in very bad condition, please go to live chat for further instructions.
2. For Buddy Driver and TREVO Custodian
The car's condition is on the owners. Please proceed with your job.
P/S: Car wash claims are NOT allowed.
The customer changed the location to a different location than what is shown in the app.
Please reach out to live chat so your job details will be updated (after confirming with the member). This is to ensure the customer is charged for the extra hours added and you are paid/incentivized correctly for the hours you have worked.
  1. If you are able to proceed, please do so.
  1. If you are unable to proceed, please cancel the job
Should I wait if the customer says he/she will arrive in 30 minutes?
No, do NOT wait any longer than 15 minutes. Please go to live chat to request for the job to be cancelled.
P/S: If you insist to wait, DASH/SOCAR is not liable for any outcome.
What should I do if I face these few scenarios: Car low battery/Car unable to start/Car petrol low, cannot drive.
1. Step out of the car.
2. Try to lock and unlock the car couple of times.
3. Try to start the car again.
4. If still unable to start, please inform live chat to get further instructions.
What should I do if I am going to be late for my job?
Please inform live chat to avoid being penalized.
Why am I unable to complete selfie verification/submit inspection photos/unlock the car?
It may be due to a few reasons:
1. A bug/glitch
2. Job is outside of timeframe - start too early or job end late
For eg.: Job time is 10am-10:30am You may start your job 10 minutes early (9:50am). If you start your job earlier than 9:50am or end the job later than 10:30am, you may face those 'tech issues' mentioned.
What should I do if I face problems with the app? For eg.: Unable to complete selfie verification/submit inspection photos/unable to detect key/unlock the car
a. Refresh the app by closing and opening the app again.
b. Restart your phone.
c. If possible, delete and redownload the app.
d. Take screen recording video of the issue/glitch
If the problem persists, please take the inspection photos with your phone and go to live chat for assistance to complete the job. Also, submit the screen recording video and state the issue on Feedbacks form (Dash app > Account tab > Feedbacks button > select App Issue) so we can investigate further.
What should I do if met with an accident during delivery?
1. Park the car at a safe spot on the roadside.
2. Inform Dash Live Chat
  1. Describe scenario happened
  1. Provide pictures of accidental part & area
3. If a third party is involved (additional information), please provide these information:
  1. Picture of third party car accidental area
  1. Car number plate
  1. License or IC (if they willing to provide)
  1. Contact details
4. Wait for an update from Dash Live Chat


Can I park my own vehicle at the SOCAR Zone while I am doing Dash jobs?
No, you are not allowed to park your vehicle in an empty SOCAR zone. SOCAR Zones are for SOCARs only.
Where can I share my feedback?
Please go to your Dash app > Account tab > Feedbacks button > select General Feedbacks
What happens if I get penalized?
The relevant Dash team will investigate the situation and look at the severity of the penalty. A penalty will then be issued appropriate to your situation. Penalties can vary from a verbal warning to a lifetime ban from Dash.
P/S: Please ensure to read the training deck so that you are aware of what actions are not condoned on our platform.

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