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Without having to own a car, Dash is a gig economy platform designed by SOCAR for anyone who would like to earn extra income and enjoy the flexibility in choosing your job and working hours. Also, PSV License is NOT needed!!
Best yet, it is FREE! No joining fee or upfront payment required 😉
Currently, with more than 10,000 Dashers signed up, we're excited to welcome more hustlers to the game!

What are the available job types?

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A car delivery service by SOCAR where rented cars are picked up or delivered to guests within certain areas.
Your task as a Dasher: Pick up and drop off cars at specific locations on time.
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A chauffeur service by SOCAR where guests rent a car and a personal driver with the convenience to make multiple stops.
Your task as a Dasher: Pick up, drop off and drive guests around throughout their trip.
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3. TREVO Custodian

A car delivery service by TREVO, a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, allowing guests to rent hosts’ cars.
Your task as a Dasher: Pick up and drop off cars from the hosts to guests, vice versa.
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4. Buddy Driver

A personal driver service by SOCAR and TREVO that offer guests a personal driver for their own cars.
Your task as a Dasher: Meet your guest at their desired location, collect their car keys and drive them around town.

What are the Requirements to Join Dash?

🔞 Malaysian aged 21 and above
🚘 Possess valid D-Class driving license (❌ P-license)
📱 Own smartphone with internet access
💬 Able to communicate in basic Malay and English
🕐 Responsible, punctual, committed, and possess commendable work ethics
🛣️ Abide by all transportation laws and maintaining a safe driving record
📍 Based in Klang Valley, Melaka, Ipoh, Penang, Johor, Sabah KK

How to Sign Up & Become a Dasher?

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💰 Earn a Minimum of RM50 in less than 1 Hour by Completing Your 1st Job NOW!
Find out more at https://dashnow.my/
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Work flexible hours & Earn RM3,000/month or more, just by driving!

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Join Dash Now!

Work flexible hours & Earn RM3,000/month or more, just by driving!