SOCAR+ - Drive SOCAR and Be a Personal Driver

Learn more about what do you do as a Dasher when taking SOCAR+ jobs.

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A chauffeur service by SOCAR where guests rent a SOCAR and a personal driver with the convenience to make multiple stops.

How Will You Earn?

The power to choose your working hours and the jobs you want to do.
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What Will You Do As A Dasher?

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1. Choose & Accept a SOCAR+ job You may view and select jobs by filtering job types. Check locations, time & job fees before accepting the job.
2. Pick Up the Car Arrive at the Pick-Up Location to pick up the car.
3. Pick Up Customer (Job Starts) Arrive at Pick-Up Location to pick up the customer. Be a personal driver within their booking period.
4. Drop Off Customer & Return the Car (Job Ends) Once the booking ends, deliver the car back to SOCAR Zone.

Available Service Areas

📍Klang Valley, Johor & Penang only
📍Klang Valley, Johor & Penang only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do if the car is dirty?
If time allows, do send the car for a quick wash. Otherwise, please inform live chat, send pictures, and wait for further instructions.
What should I do if I am running late?
Please inform the customer.
How/Where do I get the customer's details?
You will be able to start your job 10 mins before the Job Start Time. Once you have submitted your selfie verification, the customer's contact details will be displayed within the app. Please contact the customer before driving the car.
I have arrived at the Pick-Up Location but unable to reach the customer. What should I do?
Please wait for a maximum of 15 minutes. If the customer is still unreachable after 15 minutes, please go to live chat to request assistance.
P/S: If you insist to wait, DASH/SOCAR is not liable for any outcome.
What should I do if the customer request to extend?
If you are available for the extended period with no other jobs pending, please get the customer to extend via live chat.
P/S: Please ensure to check with live chat about your job fee.
What should I do if the job exceeded the reservation time?
Please go to live chat to inform and also ensure you are paid for the extended working hours.
Are there any incentives? 💰
Yes, there are. Find out about our incentives here
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Work flexible hours & Earn RM3,000/month or more, just by driving!