Buddy Driver - Be Their Trusted Personal Driver By Driving Their Car

A personal driver service by SOCAR and TREVO that offers customers a personal driver for their own cars.

How Will You Earn?

The power to choose your working hours and the jobs you want to do.
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RM15/hour + *RM30 Incentive/Job = RM45
Earn more than RM100 in just 3️⃣ hours
If you took 3️⃣ Buddy Driver jobs in 1️⃣ day, you earn RM45 x 3️⃣ jobs = RM135
1 Buddy Driver job - RM45 2 Buddy Driver jobs - RM90 3 Buddy Driver jobs - RM135
0% Commission taken - What you see is what you earn!
*T&C applies and is available for a limited time only.

What Will You Do As A Dasher?

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  1. Choose & Accept a Buddy Driver job You may view and select jobs by filtering job types. Check locations, time & job fees before accepting the job.
  1. Pick Up Customer & Their Car Arrive at the Pick-Up Location to pick up both the customer and their car.
  1. Drop Off Customer & Their Car Deliver the customer in their car to the Drop-Off Location.

Available Service Areas

📍currently in Klang Valley only
📍currently in Klang Valley only
High Demand Locations - TTDI, Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Bukit Bintang
Peak Time/Hours - Friday to Sunday (9PM to 2AM)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How/Where do I get the customer's details?
You will be able to start your job 10 mins before the Job Start Time. Once you have submitted your selfie verification, the customer's contact details will be displayed within the app. Please contact the customer before driving the car.
Can I proceed even if the customer does not answer their phone?
No, do NOT start your journey until you get to contact the customer. If there is no response from the customer in 15 mins, please go to live chat for further instructions.
What should I do if the customer requests to drive a car different from the job details?
Please inform and check with live chat before you start the job to avoid any confusion. Also, to ensure you get paid the right amount.
What if the customer changes the location last minute?
Please inform live chat before proceeding to continue. The live chat agents will give you further instructions.
I arrive at the Pick-Up Location but I am unable to find the car and also can't reach the customer. What should I do?
Please call the customer. If unable to reach the customer, please go to live chat to inform and wait for further instructions.
Customer requests to collect the car from Point A, then go to Point B to pick him/her up. What should I do?
This is NOT allowed. Please inform the customer that this is not allowed. If the customer insists, please inform Dash Live Chat and request to cancel the job.
P/S: If you insist to proceed with the job, DASH/SOCAR is not liable for any outcome.
Are there any incentives? 💰
Yes, there are. Find out about our incentives here
Click here for more FAQ
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