Shuttle Service: Saving Your Ringgit With Every Job

Learn how Shuttle Service benefit and assists you when doing Dash jobs.

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“Shuttle Service ni tak paham lah, tak tau pun how it works!”

Ehhh, jangan merajuk lah! Let’s break it down for you and show you how can #DashBetter with Shuttle Service! 🚙 💵 

“Jap ah, what is Shuttle Service?”

Shuttle Service is an alternative mode of transportation provided by Dash. With Shuttle Service, you can travel from your Job End Location to your designated Drop-Off Location.

Why should you use our Shuttle Service?

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1. Lower Travel Cost
Higher paying jobs typically require you to travel longer distances BUT arranging your transport back will be more costly! With Shuttle Service, save money on your transportation fee by getting a FREE ride to your next Job Start Location.
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2. Convenience with just a Tap
Plan your transportation ahead of time once you accept a Dash job. Submit your booking request as soon as you accept a job within eligible regions. Now you don’t have to worry how to get to your next Job Start Location. Cepat chup your jobs & earn more!
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3. MORE Earning Opportunities
Didn’t take the job because it’s too far away? Kalau ada Shuttle Service, you can take on any job without worrying about it! Take advantage of having more jobs to choose from & earn like a pro on Dash!
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4. Earn Any Time, Any Day
Late night jobs earn the most, but getting a ride back is so hard! We know public transport is unavailable at night & e-hailing services are quite costly. With Shuttle Service, take that late night job & get a FREE ride to your next destination!
5. NEW Earning Opportunity
Our smoothly operating Shuttle Service are driven by dedicated drivers like YOU! We will be expanding our Shuttle Service across more regions & you could be our next driver! Explore a different way of earning with Dash.
Shuttle Service is provided for the convenience & ease for you, Dashers. You can now Dash independently & earn more by utilizing our Shuttle Service. While it provides a service for you, Shuttle Service also creates new earning opportunities for eligible Dashers to be Shuttle Drivers too.

“Got difference ah between each mode of transportation?”

Check out this table below on how it affects your nett income on Dash:
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Need more reasons on why you should use Shuttle Service? Here ya go! 🤗
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With this initiative, we want to assist & provide a better Dash experience for you! Let’s #DashBetter & start earning today. Learn more about Shuttle Service 👨🏼‍✈️👩🏼‍✈️

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