Shuttle Service: Saving Your Ringgit With Every Job

With our FREE Shuttle Service in place, you take home a bigger portion of your income!
You no longer have to limit yourself to nearby jobs or think twice before accepting a job that is further away! Instead, take advantage of having more jobs to choose from, and a higher net earning per job!

What Are The Benefits?

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1. Reduce Cost
Higher paying jobs typically require you to travel a longer distance which means that arranging for personal transport back can be more costly, resulting in lower net income for the job. Here, Shuttle Service helps to reduce your travelling cost!
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2. Provide Convenience
Enjoy the convenience of making your travel plans ahead of time. Submit your booking request as soon as you accept a job within the eligible regions. Perform your job with ease and confidence, knowing a Shuttle Driver will usher you back to your job start location safely for FREE!
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3. Transport Assistance
If you are considering or resorted to partner with someone when Dashing, we now have a better, more environmentally friendly option for you! No more splitting incomes, relying on someone else or adding mileage to your personal vehicle.
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4. New Earning Opportunity
At the core of a smoothly operating shuttle service is drivers who are dedicated, like you. We will be expanding our Shuttle Service across more regions and you could be our next driver! Explore a different way of earning with Dash.
Shuttle Service is designed to ensure ease of use for Dashers. You can now Dash independently and improve your earning potential utilizing our Shuttle Service. Beyond that, the Shuttle Service creates stable employment opportunities for Dashers too.
Below shows the comparison of your net income when using the FREE Shuttle Service:
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For a job with the distance of 20km, travelling with public transport and e-hailing services may require more time and the risk of no driver available or booking canceled/delayed, and cases of drivers running late. Not to forget, it gets costlier especially during peak hours.
On the other hand, if you are working with a partner, your earning would be split between 2 people. This does not include the petrol for traveling, which would lead to lower net income.
The estimation of travelling 20km with e-hailing services costs at least RM30, while sharing with a partner would decrease your earnings by at least 50%. On account of this, Dash has initiated Shuttle Service with the objective to assist and provide a better Dash experience.
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