Request Compensations From The App!

You can now request for your compensation quickly and easily ⚡️

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😱 Guess what? You can request your compensation on the app!


How to Request Compensation for a Job?

Step 1:

Select ‘My Jobs’
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Step 2:

Select the job in the ‘History’ tab.
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Step 3:

Request on ‘Claims & Compensations’.
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There are two types of situations where you’re eligible for compensation:

1. Cancelled by Dasher

You will be directed to Live Chat.
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2. NOT Cancelled by Dasher

Tap ‘Take action’ to submit and provide the necessary details.
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How to Review Your Compensation Status

  1. Go to ‘My Jobs’
  1. On the ‘History’ tab, find & tap into the Job Ref
  1. Scroll down & tap on ‘Claims & Compensation’
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NOTE 1. Only one (1) compensation per job. 2. Any request with no valid proof will be subject to potential penalty.

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