First Impressions

Here’s how you can leave a smile on your customer’s face from the moment you get in contact ✨

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✨ You only have one shot to make a good first impression, Dashers!

Quality service brings more jobs! By leaving good first impressions, customers will keep coming back for more.
More happy customers = More jobs!
Read on to learn how to build a good relationship and image with your customers.

1. Greetings

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It all starts with the first interaction you have with them. Picture this, when you’re walking into an airplane, the air stewardess greets you and asks for your seating number to help navigate you to your seat. Don’t you feel welcomed because you’re being treated nicely? Well Dashers, that’s the same warmth that your customers should get!

Information To Include In Your Message:

✅ Greet Customer ✅ Mention you are a Dasher ✅ Confirm Pick-Up Location ✅ Confirm Time ✅ Share your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Sample Message:

Hello there! I am Dasher [Your Name] for your Trevo/Buddy Driver/SOCAR job ☺️  I would like to confirm if the pick-up/delivery at [Location] at [Time] is correct?
My ETA to your location will be [Duration].

2. Attire

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Let’s be honest, the first thing you do when you meet someone is observing what they’re wearing. So why not take this chance to WOW your customers with how well-prepared you are. We’re not asking you to do a Dash job in a Suit & Tie, but just dress decently, following the picture above! 👆🏻 How To Minimize Body Odour? Try wearing these clothing materials: ✅ Cotton ✅ Linen ✅ Wool ✅ Bamboo
Failure to follow this dress code, a penalty will be given to Dashers!

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Work flexible hours & Earn RM3,000/month or more, just by driving!