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Find out how you can stand a chance to win exclusive prizes up to RM5,000 during the World Cup season!
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Nov 13, 2022
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From 14 November 2022 to 25 December 2022, we are launching a World Cup Referral Giveaway where both Referrer (Registered Dasher) & Referee (New Dasher) can stand a chance to win exclusive prizes worth up to RM5,000.

notion image

Dash Referral Giveaway

Referrer (Registered Dasher)
Number of Referral (completed their first job)
+ up to RM5,000 worth of Prizes to be won
Refer 1 friend
✅ Eligible for Lucky Draw
Refer 2 friends
✅ Eligible for Lucky Draw
Refer 4 friends
✅ Eligible for Lucky Draw
Refer 8 friends
✅ Eligible for Lucky Draw
Wait, there’s more! Work as a team to complete more jobs & stand a chance to win a Branded Phone 📱
Referee (New Dasher)
1 Job Completed
Up to RM50 (Existing Incentive)
Highest number of Jobs completed*
+⌚ Branded Smart Watch

World Cup Referral Giveaway: Lucky Draw Prizes

notion image
Number of Referral (completed their first job)
Lucky Draw Prize for Referrer
Limited Edition DASH Powerbank (50 units)
Adidas Classic Essential Waist Bag (10 units)
Xiaomi Earbud 3 Lite (6 units)
Amazfit Fit BIP U Pro Smart Watch (3 units)
Example: If you want to stand a chance to win an Adidas Classic Essential Waist Bag, be eligible for the Lucky Draw by referring 2-3 New Dashers who have completed their first job within the campaign period.

World Cup Referral Giveaway: Special Prizes

notion image
Award Name
How To Win?
Captain Award (for Referrer, Registered Dasher)
Achieve the highest number of total jobs completed by New Dasher referred by the same Referral (Registered Dasher) within the campaign period. *Tip: Guide & help your New Dashers to complete more than one Dash job!
HONOR X6 (1 unit)
Registered Dasher A Refer 10 New Dashers & complete 20 jobs Registered Dasher B Refer 9 New Dashers & complete 22 jobs Registered Dasher C Refer 5 New Dashers & complete 10 jobs 🏆 Winner goes to Registered Dasher B!
Best Player Award (New Dasher)
New Dasher to achieve the highest jobs completed within the campaign period. *Tip: New Dasher to be alert for any Dash app notifications to accept & complete more jobs.
Amazfit BIP U Smart Watch (1 unit)
New Dasher A Completed 30 Jobs New Dasher B Completed 90 Jobs New Dasher C Completed 101 Jobs 🏆 Winner goes to New Dasher C!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Campaign Period: 14th November 2022 to 25th December 2022.
  1. There will be 3 categories:
    1. Lucky Draw:- [Referrer Reward] Different prizes up for grab based on the number of Referral that completed their first job (refer to the above table)
    2. Captain Award:- [Referrer Reward] Highest Total Numbers of Jobs completed by all Referees (New Dasher) refer from the same Referral (Registered Dasher) within the campaign period.
    3. Best Player Award:- [New Dasher Reward] Highest Jobs completed by New Dasher, him/herself within the campaign period.
  1. One (1) winner is eligible for one (1) prize only.
  1. Lucky draw & award winners will be announced by 29th December 2022.
  1. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
  1. Prizes will be sent out to the winners via postage. A Google form will be sent to the winners to fill in the necessary details.

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