Late-Night-Incentives 3.0 (LNI)

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Effective 5 Feb 2024, 9pm onwards

🚖 What is Late Night Incentive? (aka E-Hailing Claims)

This is an initiative to help Dashers reduce travelling costs, provide convenience & ensure your safety at night.
Late Night Incentive 3.0 (LNI) are provided to those not eligible for Shuttle Service!

What are the Criteria?

Eligible for all Dash job types within Malaysia, job end time between 9pm-7am.
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Shuttle Service is not available RM1.00/km max claimable amount based on job distance or RM40 whichever is lower
Example Shuttle Service not available
Not within coverage for Shuttle Service - outside of Klang Valley
Did not received any Shuttle Service Request Form (SMS)
Shuttle Service request (within Klang Valley) but no Shuttle Driver was assigned (less than 20mins before request time
Example: Shuttle Request Time - 10.30pm 1. Shuttle Driver not assigned - 10.15pm ✅ 2. Shuttle Driver not assigned - 10.05pm ❌ ✅ - Eligible for LNI claim ❌ - Not eligible for LNI claim
Dash Job - drop off location changed more than 5km
Check with Shuttle Driver to confirmed he is unable to pick up, must show screenshot of DASH app Drop off location is changed to Shuttle Driver
Shuttle Driver is late more than 15mins from request time
Dasher do not need to fill up cancellation form
NOT entitled for Late Night Incentive (LNI)
Example LNI Not entitled
Dash job eligible for Shuttle Service, but dasher did not request for Shuttle Service
Shuttle Service Request Form SMS sent but dasher did not fill up
Dash job eligible for Shuttle Service, but dasher cancel the Shuttle Request after requesting
Shuttle Service is assigned with Shuttle Driver but dasher request to cancel (via cancellation form/ informing shuttle driver to cancel/ any similar methods)
Dasher requested for Shuttle Service but DID NOT response or NO SHOW
Shuttle Service Request : 1.00am
Shuttle Driver arrived pick up location & waited more than 15mins from request time dasher did not arrived or turn up
Dasher abusing the Shuttle Service Form
Spamming submissions

How do I calculate the max claimable amount?

Shuttle Service is not available
RM1.00/km X job distance
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Calculation Example

RM 1.00 x 10.7 km
Maximum Late Night Incentive Claim RM10.70
*E-hailing Receipt submitted maximum claimable amount is RM10.70

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How to submit Late Night Incentive claims in Dash app?

  1. Go to My Jobs
  1. On the History tab, find & tap on the Job Ref
  1. Scroll down & tap on Claims & Compensation
  1. Proceed to Add Claims
  1. Select Late Night Incentives
  1. Fill up the details according to the receipt
  1. Attach your LNI Whatsapp Message eligibility received from DASH
For Shuttle Service is requested but not available, ensure to provide a description & screenshots LNI Whatsapp Message received

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

💰 Why didn't I get Whatsapp message?
Please ensure that your registered phone number with DASH is enable to received Whatsapp with links from Dash MY 60122994327 (not blocked/catergorized as SPAM)
Our Official Whatsapp (Verified Account)
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💬 Sample Eligibility of Late Night Incentive (LNI) Whatsapp Message
notion image
Dash message from 62033 Ending with
LNI is entitled - RM1.00/km For more info
LNI is entitled - RM0.50/km For more info
📍 Where should I put the drop off location to if my job is eligible for LNI Claim?
Dasher can drop off anywhere as they wish as long as within the maximum claimable amount entitled.
Any amount exceeding the maximum claimable amount will be at dasher’s own cost.
Why is my Late Night Incentive claim rejected?
  • The job is canceled (please refer to T&C);
  • No official receipt was provided;
  • The receipt is too small/cropped/blurred/unreadable;
  • The receipt is requested within the DASH mission (from car collected to job completed);
  • Wrong details input - Receipt details are different from submission in the Dash app;
  • The receipt does NOT show:
    • Start & End Time
    • Start & End Location
    • Amount (RM)
  • The receipt shows the ride is ongoing (not completed); or
  • Did not fill up Distance Travelled (KM)/ Incorrect distance travelled
    • Please check on Google Maps based on the departure time
  • Without LNI - Whatsapp message attached (as proof)
Ensure to refer to & follow the Terms & Conditions for smoother approval process
✅ How to ensure my Late Night Incentive claim is approved?
  • Screenshots of E-hailing receipts MUST be provided as the example shown in the app.
  • Ensure the receipts submit contains:
    • Start & End Time
    • Amount (RM)
    • Provide a description (if necessary)
  • Details input when submitting the claim in the Dash app is the same as shown in the receipt
  • Ensure to update & follow the SOP process when doing jobs
    • From taking a selfie to start the job > take Before Inspection photos > take After Inspection photos > Mark Job as Complete once the job is done
Any fraud attempts (fake receipts/suspicious activities) will result in the rejection of claims and disciplinary actions will be taken.
🧾 Approved E-Hailing Receipts Samples
notion image
notion image
❌ Rejected E-Hailing Receipt Samples
Ongoing (not completed ride)
Ongoing (not completed ride)
Not e-hailing receipt
Not e-hailing receipt
Blur (unable to read)
Blur (unable to read)

Terms & Conditions

  1. The receipt amount is capped based on eligibility criteria fulfilled (RM1/km).
  1. Submit within 7 days (168 hours) from Job Completion Time/Reviewed Date. Otherwise, it will be rejected.
  1. Only one (1) claim per job if Shuttle Service is not eligible after requested.
  1. Only for jobs end time between 9pm to 7am 🕙
  1. Official receipt time must within 30 mins from Job Completed / Job End Time (whichever is earlier).
  1. NOT eligible if Shuttle Service is used.
  1. Only eligible if the Shuttle Service request is not eligible (LNI Whatsapp Message as a proof).
  1. All jobs MUST be completed to be entitled to the incentives stated above.
  1. Change of Destination & Tips given to the e-hailing driver are not eligible/included.
  1. Only travelling costs are entitled for claim submission (exclude tips given/ add on services/ insurance coverage/ other similar)
  1. Official Receipt including E-hailing/ Micro-mobility/ SOCAR/ train or bus ticket

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